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Akyol Bird Seed Cleaner/Husk Remover

Akyol Bird Seed Cleaner/Husk Remover

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Akyol Bird Seed Cleaner/Husk Remover Machine.

If you're tired of wasting expensive bird seed and want to save money then this is the machine for you.

This amazing Bird seed cleaning machine works by removing the empty husks, dust and dirt from your birds used seed.

There's no complicated settings. Simply flick the power switch on, pour in the seed and the machine instantly cleans out the husks leaving behind the good seed. The good seed falls into the front drawer and the empty husks falls into the rear drawer for easy disposal.

No more throwing out perfectly good seed. With this machine there is no wastage, making your seed last longer.

Please be aware this is designed for small bird seed not the larger seed for large Parrots.

Strongly made in 6mm plywood 

Dimensions: 46cm x 15 cm x 36 cm

2.5A 250v Power to axial flow fan

Comes fitted with a 3 PIN UK fused plug

ON/OFF Power switch.



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46cm x 15cm x 36m

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